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The Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative is an integrated, community-driven approach that provides promotion, prevention and early intervention addiction and mental health services to children, youth and their families within a school-based setting.

Wainwright on Wellness is one of 38 projects in a province-wide Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools initiative. The initiative is led by AHS – Addiction and Mental Health in partnership with Alberta Education and other community partners, with funding through grants from Alberta Health and Wellness.

The overall goal is to build resiliency skills in children, youth and families and to support children and youth to be mentally healthy, stay in school, and succeed in life.
Authentic partnerships are a key component of these initiatives. It is a collaborative effort that involves government ministries, health zones, school jurisdictions, community agencies and organizations, and families.

Projects are developed based upon the unique needs of the children, families and communities. Simply, there are no other initiatives like it.
These projects are designed for all children and youth, including at-risk kids. Each project team provides mental health and wellness promotion and prevention supports designed to build strengths in all children, youth and their families, while reducing the stigma of addiction and mental illness.

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